Lippa is a Danish brand that specializes in electronics products at low prices.

At Lippa you will find a wide selection of electronics and tech products that you won't find anywhere else - at prices that you certainly wo n't find anywhere else. We have removed a lot of expensive parts so that we can keep the price down. 

  • Large and wide range of various electronic products 
  • 100% own production 
  • Reliable products at low prices 

Customers choose Lippa because they get what they pay for – a product that does exactly what it should. Neither more nor less.

Lippa – It pays off  

If the quality of a product does not last, the price can never be good. 

It is therefore essential that we can vouch for our products. After all, this is what makes it possible to call it sharp prices. 

But - even if the quality holds up, there is a reason why we can sell our products at such good prices. 

It is expensive to pamper the detail - so we have dropped that. We have cut away everything that is superfluous, so that we can offer mid-range products at sharp prices. At Lippa, it is not a magnificent universe or an extensive branding strategy that sells - it is price, selection and service. 

You get what you pay for – we sell a reliable Polo, not an expensive branded Mercedes. Our customers should have no doubt about that. 

This means that we don't wrap anything up in grandiose words and superlatives. We say things as they are - in a fresh, light and welcoming tone. 

Lippa – when you just want something that works 

If we were to describe Lippa as a brand, we would say...  

  • We are decent 

Just because the price is depressed, our integrity or service does not have to be. Although we have saved on many fronts, we do not save on politeness or the big smiles. Both in our customer service and in our website texts, we make an effort to be welcoming, down to earth and meet our customers where they are.

  • We sell electronics with a twinkle in our eye 

Our products don't pretend to be something they're not - which is why we say we're the perfect brand for customers who just want something that works. We say things as they are - and even if we do it with a twinkle in our eye, we never try to hide behind big words, jokes or "fancy" marketing.

  • We want to be the Nordic region's leading "Value for money" brand 

We dare to think big - and the mission is clear: We want to be the Nordic leader in what we do. That's why our range is large and wide, our service top notch and the prices pushed to the bottom. 

Get more advice - buy your electronics at Lippa  

We have cut away everything that is superfluous, so that our customers get high-quality products at low prices. 

Lippa is not expensive. But it's actually not cheap either - because our products aren't. With us, price and quality are linked, so we never refer to our prices as cheap. 

3 reasons why customers choose Lippa:  

1. Good products, fair prices  

Our customers know quality - but they don't want to pay a premium . They love a good deal where they really feel they are getting their money's worth. And they always do that at Lippa. Our customers should feel like they have won the Lotto when they see how much they can get with us compared to our competitors. 

2. The service level is top notch  

We always deliver good and proper service to our customers . Because even though we have cut a lot, there has been no saving on the service. This means that customers come again, and again and… 

3. It is a safe place to shop  

The quality is Danish, but the prices and selection... they are probably more reminiscent of something you can find in the slightly dubious corners of the internet. But unlike many other places, we have our own department in Asia, and we ensure the quality of all our products ourselves . We make every effort to ensure that customers feel safe and taken by the hand all the way through the buying journey.